The most effective football betting bonuses

The most effective football betting bonuses

The most effective football betting bonuses


Many old school bettors still love to go to the land-based bookies and place their bets there. While it’s true that there is just something about those places, you can’t deny the fact that betting online is a lot more convenient.


Apart from the fact that you can bet from home or while you’re on the go (thanks to your smartphone), you also have access to loads of jaw-dropping bonuses that you can’t get in the land-based gambling operators.


However, not all of the bonuses are worth it. Many of them might seem a must-try once you read them for the first time, but after you decide to go into the terms and conditions, you will see that you should probably avoid them.


If you are one of the punters who like to bet on football, you will find that there are loads of amazing offers out there. However, which ones are worth it?


The most effective football betting bonuses


Deposit bonuses


The first type of promos that every football fan will love is deposit bonuses. Luckily, almost every big gambling operator has at least a few of them, so regardless of which one you choose, you should be able to find something good.


It’s worth mentioning that most of the top deposit bonuses are those that are available to the newly-registered players. This does make sense because the idea is to lure in new clients. Nevertheless, there are many other top operators, like 22bet, where you can find a lot of other deposit promos.


Free bets


The second type of bonuses that you should try to find if you like to bet on football are those that provide free bets. If you take a look at this list with bonuses and promo codes for 22bet, you will find that there are some that you just have to try out.

As its name suggests, a free bet allows you to place a bet without risking your own money. There are different variations of this promo, but all of them are awesome. Some bookies allow you to place one bet that has a fixed amount, whereas others provide you with an amount of money that you can use on one or more bets.




The last type of bonus that you will eventually have to use is cashback. For those of you who don’t know what this is, a cashback bonus is something that will give you a certain amount of money, which is usually a percentage of the money you’ve lost.


Even if you are the most experienced better out there, you will inevitably lose at least a few bets. That’s why you should always look for a gambling operator that can provide you with this type of bonus. Although you won’t be able to claim the full amount you’ve lost, in most cases, the cashback percentages vary from 15% to 30%, which is still a lot.


Apart from giving you money when you lose, there are certain cashback promos that will provide you with a percentage of the money you deposited. In this case, you will get more money if you make more significant deposits, which is pretty cool.