EPL matches today


The season of the English Premier League is in full swing, and this means that every weekend we can expect to watch the game of the strongest players in the world who participate in this championship. Let’s see who has the chance to score the most this year.

Thanks to the development of technology, it is now much easier to follow the events. It is enough to have a mobile phone connected to the Internet. This allows you not only to learn the results in real time, but also to know more about the EPL matches today.

One of the main issues of the season is getting to the Champions League zone. Everything seems to be already clear about the first three positions, since Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City look much more convincing than their competitors in the first part of the championship. The following teams can fight for the remaining positions:

In the livescore section, you can always find the results of the matches of not only the top teams, but also other teams of the Premier League.

As for the chances of getting into the top four, then Tottenham is the team who will most likely do it.

EPL matches today

It is not the first time Pochettinos team is the shadow favorite of the Premier League, and despite the fact that they still can not win the tournament, they should not miss the place in the zone of the Champions League.

Tottenham Advantages

Many fans and experts predicted the Spurs would fail due to the fact that the club didnt make transfers in summer. However, the team found internal resources, in particular, it revealed many players who were acquired earlier. But the most important thing is the fact that the Spurs still have their leaders: Kane, Ally, Eriksen, Son. It is them who provide the team with results this season that allows the fans to be really happy.

In the long tournament distance, Tottenham looks attractive and advantageous compared to, say, Arsenal. Pochettinos team is more coordinated, and the teammates are well aware of the strengths of their fellow players with whom they interact on the field. Due to this, it is possible to get the maximum out of each match.

It is now very important for the Spurs to not lose points in matches against weaker rivals. This will be the key to their progress and the rise to higher positions of the standings. Much will depend on how much strength the club will give to the Champions League and whether Kane and others can cope with the double workload they will definitely get.